Teaching at home is tough, and there are seemingly unlimited resources for online learning – but how do you find good resources?

To help, we here at Stream Childcare Academy want to share five of our favorite learning websites!


Hello-World: http://www.hello-world.com/

Hello-World is a free language-learning website with activities curated towards a younger demographic. Games, Flash Cards, and printable worksheets provide many options for Language learning at home.


GreatSchools Worksheets: http://www.greatschools.org/gk/worksheets/

Interacting tangibly with different concepts is a must for any effective educator. Use these free printable worksheets for nearly any concept you can think of!


Udemy: http://ude.my/

Udemy is a website where you can buy courses for almost anything. Many courses include video instruction and other resources. Udemy has courses for young children, and even professional courses for adults!


Education.com: http://www.education.com/games/

This aptly-named website is perfect for keeping your children interacting with their lessons, rather than just staring at a screen! These games teach concepts in English, Math, Reading, and other skills!


Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/groups

Facebook isn’t just for keeping up with old school buddies, or seeing a friend-of-a-friend post their third photo of their new baby within the hour – Facebook Groups can be valuable places to exchange ideas, meet tutors, or share resources for online learning!