Our Curriculum

Children have minds that want to learn and are naturally curious. With the daycare’s curriculums for science, technology, engineering, and math, your child will be able to discover their talents.


At Stream Childcare Academy, we have known since our inception that the arts and creativity are critical elements of any curriculum and key to science and math comprehension. Every student will dive deep into Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math while discovering how all these subjects are interrelated.


Our curriculum helps children of all ages explore and retain the STREAM concepts by incorporating games, music and drawing through creative engagement and exciting activities.

Exploring STREAM: What Your Child Will Learn


Science is a way of thinking. Observing, experimenting, making predictions, sharing discoveries, asking questions, and wondering how things work.


Technology is a way of doing. Using innovative tools, being inventive, identifying problems, and making things work. We feel as if teaching kids through advance fun technologies, the kids will retain what is learned better.


Reading is fundamental for the mind to learn and grow. Each day every child will have reading time.


Engineering is a way of doing. Solving problems, using a variety of materials, designing and creating and building things that work.


Arts is a way of expressing through painting, music and creativity. Exploring visual and performing arts with a variety of materials by using imagination and creativity to translate ideas into something tangible.


Math is a way of measuring. Math is sequencing (1,2,3,4…), patterning (1,2,1,2,1,2…) and exploring shapes, volume (more or less), and size (bigger or smaller).