Educational Programs


Our Infant Educational Program is for children who are 6 weeks to 1 year old. This classroom is designed to promote feelings of belonging and the loving care which help infants to grow and develop to their full potential. Children eat, sleep, and play according to their own schedule. Every infant is an individual with unique abilities, curiosities, and emotions. We meet the individual needs of each child. In our Infant classroom, we provide a creative and stimulating environment which encourages visual, language, and gross and fine motor experiences to enhance learning through their own natural inquisitiveness. Our children are also introduced to the Spanish language during their time in this class.


This classroom is for walking one year old and two-year-old children. This educational program is geared toward providing stimulating experiences for the children, allowing them to learn as rapidly as their mind can process new information. The emphasis during their time in this classroom is on building self-confidence and independence, developing language skills, laying a solid foundation for basic skills development and recognition, while at the same time fostering their natural wonderment. While in this room, your child will have an opportunity to explore the world of art, music, technology, reading and science. Throughout the day, this age group enjoys a large variety of play materials and participates in outdoor lessons. Our teachers offer the tenderness, warmth, and patience that is essential for children this age. Our Staff displays a deep respect for each child, which ensures that your precious one will truly love their school environment and develop a long-lasting love for learning.


The goal for Preschool age children, 3 – 4 years old, is to prepare them socially, intellectually, emotionally, physically, and academically, as this is essential for their success in kindergarten. This is done by offering concrete, hands-on activities for each child to explore. Our approach actively engages everyone and encourages further exploration in developmentally age appropriate activities including areas of reading, mathematics, science, arts, technology, and the Spanish language and culture. Our skilled teachers prepare activities that are exciting and challenging, as well as supportive of each child’s own learning style. Our classroom arrangement creates the optimum learning environment.


Pre-Kindergarten is for children 4-5 years old. In this classroom, our highly trained teachers prepare and integrate weekly theme-based learning plans that respond to the stages and interests of each individual child and follow our S.T.R.E.A.M. curriculum. We offer a technology media center that will serve as a hub for reading, math, science, technology, arts and sensory play with technology. Your child’s writing skills will be strengthened through journaling and creative writing. Children will increase their independence and self-reliance and will learn to cooperate by participating in small group activities.


Kindergarten is for children 5-6 years old. In this classroom, our experienced teachers prepare and integrate more weekly theme-based learning plans that respond to the stages and interests of each individual child and follow our S.T.R.E.A.M. curriculum. Children will further increase their independence and self-reliance by taking on classroom responsibilities, spending more time in our technology media center, and develop essential skills for success as they enter Elementary School.

Virtual assistance

Stream Childcare Academy’s new Virtual Assistance educational program has allowed students enrolled in online schooling to get in-person academic support, a safe environment to interact with other children, and allows their otherwise home-bound parents the freedom to go to work!



Besides offering this new service, Stream Academy takes many other measures to ensure the health and safety of students; playground equipment and toys are sanitized daily, students are supervised while washing their hands, and face masks are required for visitors, staff, and older students.

Tuition Costs

As a courtesy to our families, we currently offer two program options – Part Time Care and Full-Time care. Part Time care is considered no more than three (3) days per week, and Full-Time care is considered four (4) or more days per week. 

Please contact us for pricing.